Success is achieved by overcoming one challenge at a time.  Championships are won one game at a time. One play at a a time.  One practice at a time.  One drill at a time.  Our logo represents overcoming one challenge at a time to achieve our maximum potential.  When our goals are achieved, there always remains another level of greatness to attain. 

Based in Salt Lake City Utah, Numbers Athletics is customized athletic wear for those dedicated to the process that's required to achieve success.















The story behind the brand.....

My name is Clayton Call.  In 2009 I lost everything I had worked for.  I lost my job, my house, and my marriage all within 2 months.  I was a professional sign language interpreter, so I started an interpreting business.  Soon after that, the federal government shut down the program that was paying for the services we were providing.  I lived in a $200/ month office room I rented.  A few months later, they shut down the office building because it got sold to another tenant.  I was homeless.  But I refused to let my challenges knock me down.  Instead, I was going to be the one knocking down the challenges.  And that is how the brand Numbers was born.  That concept is what the Numbers logo represents.

In the Bible, the book of Numbers is about the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness.  Many times we drift through our lives having no direction.  But God gave the children of Israel specific commandments to prepare them for the promised land.  As we discipline ourselves and put in the work, the study, the time, the practice, we are preparing ourselves for success.

Sports is the perfect metaphor for life.  Sports presents to athletes challenges that they must work to overcome.  Sports forces athletes to come face to face with their weaknesses.  It presents athletes with failure.  Just like life, athletes have a choice at that moment- to give up and quit, or to continue working.  To not only work, but to work harder with the goal of improving and not losing the next time they are faced with the challenge that defeated them before.  Numbers Athletics represents the struggle to improve ourselves.  The struggle to conquer the challenge that once knocked us down.  And not only to conquer one challenge, but to conquer another.  And another.  And another.